Passion for the Possible | By Michelle Austen 

Meagan Oxford
Inspired by Degas

In the Gallery Now:


September 2nd – October 1st


Main Gallery: Jessa Gilbert | Flux

Flux Definition; A flowing or flow, continuous change or movement


Gallery 1: Sandra Flood | Inspired by Degas

Gallery 2 & 3: Meagan Oxford | Altered State


This September the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre will be featuring a beautiful eclectic mix of mediums and themes from 3 different artists. Painter & Muralist Jessa Gilbert will be transforming the main gallery while Sandra Flood and Meagan Oxford fill the side galleries with both classical painting and surreal art. 

Jessa Gilbert is an experiential landscape artist, muralist and backcountry guide who has collaborated with several outdoor brands and exhibited in international galleries. Part of what makes Jessa’s work so striking is her focus on the interconnectedness of all things.

“I use a single, continuous line to create the foundation for each painting and drawing, (which) shows the physical connection between things; the clouds to the ridgeline, the sand to the sea, the path to the people.” -Jessa Gilbert


Meanwhile, Gallery 1 at RVAC will host the work of Sandra Flood and her exhibition “Inspired by Degas”. The exploration of Degas’ work and life, for Sandra Flood, combined with her experience in the world of contemporary dance fuelled her inspiration for this exhibition. Sandra has perfectly captured the movement and magic of ballet and it’s physically demanding practice, resulting in her beautiful acrylic paintings which capture the movement of the human body. 


In contrast, Meagan Oxford’s exhibition “Altered State” explores the relationship between the human psyche and nature. Her interest in psychology and multi dimensional theory is often explored through her surreal and psychedelic style. This combined with close attention to detail, surreal composition, and striking colours means Meagan’s pieces are perfect for capturing both the eye and imagination.


This impressive mix of artists highlights the diversity of the talent here in Revelstoke and ensures that there’s something for everyone. Be sure to catch this month-long exhibition running September 2nd to October 1st at The Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre.

Up Next:

October 2021

October 7th – October 29th

Main Gallery | Tina Lindegaard, Valerie Speer & Jennifer Hedge

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Jessa Gilbert
Current Exhibition
September 2021

Jessa Gilbert | Flux
Sandra Flood | Inspired by Degas
Meagan Oxford | Altered State

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Past Exhibition
August 2021

Michelle Austen | Wildly Captivating
Member’s Show | Wildflowers

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unnamed (3)

Past Exhibition

July 2021

The Big North ArtWonder Wander
Matthew Timmins | Kootney Civil Twilight
Maja Swannie Jacob | Inner Light
Bill Fell | Water… An Essential Element

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Past Exhibition

June 2021

Emily Beaudoin | The Wilds
Tami Murray | Feathers & Flowers
Nahanni McKay | The Beekeeper
Jack Sutter | Shapes in Metal

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Past Exhibition

May 2021

Members Show | Moving Forward
Barbara Maye | Journey to the Butterfly
Baberaid | Weight of Mud
Charise Folnovic | (un)Censored

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IMG 5685 scaled

November 2020

Zuzana Riha | Dreamers
Shea Slager | No Path is Set
Carmin Mackenzie | Chaos and Calm
Kristen Robilliard | Astral Peregrinations

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Inside the Artist Studios:

A look at several of our past Main Gallery artists. Get a glimpse into their studios and journey with them as they discuss their artistic process. Videography by FDProductions 

Jessa Gilbert

Get a behind the scenes look into Jessa Gilbert’s 2021 exhibition show ‘Flux
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Michelle Austen

Get a behind the scenes look into Michelle’s August 2021 exhibition show ‘Wildly Captivating
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The Big North Art

Get a behind the scenes look into Cher & Estee’s July 2021 exhibition show ‘Wonder Wander
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Emily Beaudoin

Get a behind the scenes look into Emily’s June 2021 exhibition show ‘The Wilds
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Zuzana Riha

Get a behind the scenes look into Zu’s November 2020 exhibition show ‘Dreamers
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Jo Willems

Get a behind the scenes look into Jo’s September 2020 exhibition show ‘It Just Takes Time
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