In the Gallery Now:

Main Gallery | Member’s Show

Our first Member’s show of the year features art from over 20 local artists. The theme for this show is ‘Moving Forward’ and mixes beautiful mountain landscapes and individual ideas behind what it means to move forward. We invite you to wander through the main gallery taking in multiple mediums of art. 

Gallery 1 | Barbara Maye

We are excited to announce the return of Barbara Maye and her stunning Soapstone works. Barbara’s art is inspired by the arcane wisdom of Mother Earth found in our surrounding mountains. This new series explores soapstone sculptures as they come to be through metamorphosis. 


Gallery 2 | Baberaid

This collection by artist, Baberaid, aims to generate discussion about depression and mental illness in a small mountain town — even if it’s just an internal dialogue. By opening up about their personal experiences, Baberaid hopes to lessen the isolation that comes with clinical mental illness. The vulnerability and honesty felt in the works creates an intimate sense of connection with their folk/contemporary outsider pieces. 


Gallery 3 | Charise Folnovic

For many, 2020 was the year of internal exploration, pondering mistakes, and reflecting on previous travel experiences. Charise has taken those combined experiences to create (un)Censored. This exhibition explores the naivety and innocence of children living in developing countries and tourists who (unknowingly) exploit them. The work is conceptual and asks the viewer to pause an reflect.

Up Next:

Main Gallery | Emily Beaudoin

Gallery 1 | Jack Sutter

Gallery 2 | Nahanni McKay

Gallery 3 | Tami Murray


June 3 – 25, 2021

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Past Exhibitions:
November 2020

Did you miss this show in person? Take our virtual tour of our November Exhibition.

Zuzana Riha – ‘Dreamers’
Shea Slager – ‘No Path is Set’
Carmin Mackenzie – ‘Chaos and Calm’
Kristen Robilliard – ‘Astral Peregrinations’

Photography by Growler Media Group

Inside the Artist Studios:

A look at several of our past Main Gallery artists. Get a glimpse into their studios and journey with them as they discuss their artistic process. Videography by FDProductions 

Zuzana Riha
Get a behind the scenes look into Zu’s November 2020 exhibition show ‘Dreamers
Check out all of Zuzana’s work over on her website:
Jo Willems

Get a behind the scenes look into Jo’s September 2020 exhibition show ‘It Just Takes Time
To find out more about B.C. artist Jo Willems, check out her website: