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In the Gallery Now:

July 2nd – 30th 2021

Main Gallery | The Big North Art
‘Wonder Wander’ – Cher Van Overbeke & Estée Sylvester


The Big North Art is the combination of the artistic endeavors of creative duo Cher Van Overbeke and Estée Sylvester. With vibrant colours and a fun take on the local flora and fauna around Revelstoke, this exhibition is sure to make you smile. In our giftshop their water colour greeting cards of chubby chickens and passionate hedgehogs have been fan favorites, and we’re beyond excited to showcase their bigger pieces in our main gallery. With over 40 pieces, not including their 30+ pieces on the ‘Wonder Wall’ this gallery is bursting with colour and life.

“This collection of work represents our fondness and appreciation of the wondrous natural world around us. Over the years, habitual nature wanderings have created within us a curious sense of wonder and connection to the Pacific West Coast. We have witnessed beautiful sunsets in the mountains and experienced magical walks through the forests. These encounters are spiritual connections and we wanted to challenge ourselves to express this visually.”

-Cher Van Overbeke & Estée Sylvester


Gallery 1 | Matthew Timmins
‘Kootenay Civil Twilight’ – Photography 

After spending the past few years capturing photographs in New Zealand, Australia, Myanmar, Finland and Iceland, Matthew Timmins is back in Canada. Currently based out of Revelstoke B.C. as a freelance photographer, Matthew continues to capture nature, adventure and sports.

“Kootenay Civil Twilight’ is a collection of photos based around the fleeting moments of Civil Twilight. Scientifically, this is when the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon in the morning or evening. Lasting only a few minutes twice a day, it is also often the most colourful time of day in the mountains – when peaks begin to glow, the moon gets a splash of colour or the sky turns a moody blue before darkness falls. No matter how much planning I do to know when the moon will set in the morning or when the sun will rise, there is always the unknown factor of mother nature, always there to add her own spin on even your most planned photo.”


-Matthew Timmins


Gallery 2 | Maja Swannie Jacob
‘Inner Light’ – Photography Installation

“I recognize that there is a vulnerability in standing in front of the camera, allowing it to record our faces and fix them in time. The beauty I see in these faces is as much about what’s inside as out.”

– Maja Swannie Jacob

This photography instillation is based on the compassion and resilience of the women in Revelstoke. Maja Swannie Jacob explores the beauty in women that lies deeper than the surface and the friendships that sit at the core of our being. What’s truly captivating about this instillation is Maja’s printing techniques, done on a clear paper to essentially see into the portrait and through to the portrait behind.


Gallery 3 | Bill Fell
‘Water… An Essential Element’ – 
Black & White Photography

Bill’s collection for his exhibition is all captured in black and white, allowing the viewer to focus on the textures, movement, and forms of the pristine environment. Take a moment from the bustle of life to look at the details of a gnarled branch and appreciate the forms of nature. Bill hopes that the appreciation for the beauty of nature might drive others to do their part in protecting that environment.

“Black and white photography allows the artist to concentrate on the essential elements of lines, shape, texture and form of the subject. Whether the subject is a single shell on a beach or a flowing waterfall, the artistic essential elements delineate the uniqueness of the subject.”

-Bill Fell


-- Up Next --

August 5th – 27th, 2021

Michelle Austen – Acrylic

Member’s Show- Wildflower Festival

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Past Exhibition:
June 2021

Take our virtual tour of our current exhibition.

Emily Beaudoin – The Wilds
Tami Murray – Feathers & Flowers
Nahanni McKay – The Beekeeper
Jack Sutter – Shapes in Metal

Tour by Growler Media Group


Past Exhibitions:
May 2021

Take our virtual tour of our May 2021 Exhibition.

Members Show – ‘Moving Forward’
Barbara Maye – ‘Journey to the Butterfly’
Baberaid – ‘Weight of Mud’
Charise Folvonic – ‘(un)Censored’

Tour by Growler Media Group

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Past Exhibitions:
November 2020

Take our virtual tour of our November Exhibition.

Zuzana Riha – ‘Dreamers’
Shea Slager – ‘No Path is Set’
Carmin Mackenzie – ‘Chaos and Calm’
Kristen Robilliard – ‘Astral Peregrinations’

Photography by Growler Media Group

Inside the Artist Studios:

A look at several of our past Main Gallery artists. Get a glimpse into their studios and journey with them as they discuss their artistic process. Videography by FDProductions 

Emily Beaudoin
Get a behind the scenes look into Emily’s June 2021 exhibition show ‘The Wilds
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Zuzana Riha
Get a behind the scenes look into Zu’s November 2020 exhibition show ‘Dreamers
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Jo Willems

Get a behind the scenes look into Jo’s September 2020 exhibition show ‘It Just Takes Time
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