The Centre operates a fully equipped shop, which includes workbenches, table saw, jointers, shapers, bandsaw, drill press, belt sander, drum sander, and a selection of hand tools. 

However, we do not have any on-site supervision, and restrict access to members who have the skills and experience to work safely in this high risk environment, while working alone. 

Members are provided with a one-on-one orientation and have access to the shop on a 24/7 basis, frequently being the only person in the shop. 

Due to the current Covid-19 social distancing provincial restrictions, woodshop users must pre-book a 1-3 hour duration. 

Membership Info

We are allowing one user in the woodshop at any given time; you can book your time online through our website once you are a member.

Membership fees are $30 per month plus the annual Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre membership fee of $25. Access to the woodshop is through RVAC; you will need a key fob to access out of operating hours. Deposits for the key fobs are $20.

If you are a first time user of the woodshop you will need to set up an orientation with our woodshop volunteer Ken.

Become a Member

Thank you for inquiring about the woodshop, please fill in the following information and submit the form back to us.