Board of Directors & Staff

Employees 2024

Meghan Porath

Executive Director & Curator


Taylor Sandell

Program Director & Gallery Administrator


General Inquiries

IMG 8409

Participatory Mural by Jessa Gilbert

Board of Directors 2024

We’d like to thank our Board of Directors both current and past for volunteering their time and expertise towards the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre.

Board Members

Ariel Plant | Chair of the Board

Brett Mallon | Vice Chair

Allison Raven | Treasurer

Clare Weddell | Secretary

Memory Uglene

Samantha Reed 

Lydia Syme

Matt Cherry | Council Representative

Hayley Stewart

Acrylic Painting, Hayley Stewart

Join our Board of Directors

Are you interested in joining our Board of Directors? We are looking for dedicated members of our community who have a passion for the arts. If you want to help the arts flourish in Revelstoke, please contact our director to submit your interest:

Our Annual General Meeting will be held in September 2024 where nominees will be elected.