Wonder Wander

by The Big North Art

Main Gallery
July 2
- July 30, 2021

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The Big North Art is the combination of the artistic endeavors of creative duo Cher Van Overbeke and Estée Sylvester. With vibrant colours and a fun take on the local flora and fauna around Revelstoke, this exhibition is sure to make you smile. In our giftshop their water colour greeting cards of chubby chickens and passionate hedgehogs have been fan favorites, and we’re beyond excited to showcase their bigger pieces in our main gallery. With over 40 pieces, not including their 30+ pieces on the ‘Wonder Wall’ this gallery is bursting with colour and life.

‘This collection of work represents our fondness and appreciation of the wondrous natural world around us. Over the years, habitual nature wanderings have created within us a curious sense of wonder and connection to the Pacific West Coast. We have witnessed beautiful sunsets in the mountains and experienced magical walks through the forests. These encounters are spiritual connections and we wanted to challenge ourselves to express this visually.

In this group of works, we have painted our own solo pieces as well as collaborated together on multiple pieces. We are showcasing our unique bright and colourful styles and blending our combined efforts inspired by our experiences, visions, and styles.

We hope that this ensemble of paintings and drawings will evoke the viewer to feel the marvel that connects us to our natural backyard. We think connection and appreciation can invoke a deep awareness that stimulates action from ourselves to protect these spaces and creatures for the future.’

  – Cher & Estée 

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