Wildly Captivating

by Michelle Austen

Main Gallery
August 5
- August 27, 2021

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Michelle is known for her expressive and vibrant works, often focusing on the motion and emotion of a scene rather than it’s minute details. These stunning paintings are often created En Plein Air (outdoors).

I have always had the desire throughout my art career to capture the peacefulness and movement and flow of nature, and incorporate this into my paintings. This exciting new Exhibition of my artwork for the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre entitled, “Wildly Captivating” achieves this! 

I do not try to present in my paintings a realistic interpretation of the grandeur of Mother Natures’ magnificence… a life-like representation of a scene. Instead, I pay attention to the kinds of things that Mother Nature stirs within me that go beyond what we merely see in front of us. I wait for a positive feeling from an image that excitedly influences me within. It’s power impacts me like an everlasting snapshot in my mind and creates a strong desire to document my feelings with pencil, pen and/or paint in my sketchbook. I found this in the bounty of Mount Revelstoke National Park and other specific locations in British Columbia and Alberta with their amazing abundance of wildly captivating and joy expressing shapes, colours, light, movement and lines. 

 Art helps me gain perspective on life and constantly reminds me that joy is often around the corner and even in the most challenging times. It keeps me intrigued, curious and wondering, what’s next. As I paint and reflect on my outdoor exploring experiences, I am reminded of a familiar theme with a common denominator that exists within me. We are all part of a bigger picture and we’re all connected.

-Michelle Austen

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