Wildland Wonders

by Arrow Heights Elementary

Jailhouse Gallery
April 28
- May 22, 2022

Wildland Wonders

Since September 2021, the Arrow Heights Elementary Grade 5/6 and 7 classes have been studying Revelstoke Wetland birds. With the support of a grant from ArtStarts, each student has chosen a bird species to research. They have also created several different forms of art with their bird as the theme.

Follow the bird prints as your exit our main gallery on the left and you’ll be squawking with joy over the creative ways these students have used to art to showcase these local birds. You’ll find variations of each bird in papier-mache, watercolour, felting and ceramics. Plus take a gander through the booklets each student has made that compiles their year’s worth of research on the bird. This educational exhibition has been a hoot so far and we’ve received numerous calls and tweets about how fantastic this showcase is.


A huge thank you to the teachers involved in making this happen:

Michelle Gadbois: Grades 5/6
Tara Johnson: Grade 7

And of course, the incredible artists who have been in the classroom working with the students:

Tina Lindegaard
Janet Pearson


Students in this exhibition:

Harlan Grimsdell, Jett Roche, Kaia Laursen, Corbin Kernaghan, Oli Shearing, Hayden Wuhlar, Jace McGiven, Neda Barna, Maleah Wright, Lily Schott, Chase LeBlanc, Elodie Nugent, Ember Smith, Ivo Keerak, Bella Stevensen, Aidan Schott, Lucy Martin, Eloise Balon, Eve Brensrud, Mariah Skelton, Liam Bolton, Evan Creighton, Maegan Dollar, Hudson Gardiner, Nika Alexis Hill Wheeler, Kael Biollo, Deken Bolton, Avery Hornosty, Hudsyn McKinnon, Zach Grabinsky, Oliver Peck, Walsh Pauls, Mason Pehowich, Paige Schultz, Ben MacPherson, Samuel Rorstad, Skye Cawthorne, Kiyoko Balfour, Levi Maloney, Maizey McGiven, Ethan Greenberg, Gwen Dollar, Laura Durin

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