Where the Soul Resides

by Aimy Van Der Linden

Gallery One
June 2
- June 26, 2022

Artist Statement:

This collection of work is inspired by my backcountry experiences from the 2021/2022 winter season. 

Where the Soul Resides comments on the cleansing energy and balancing forces that nature provides us. In the backcountry the world is still, and it becomes pure, silent and stripped of perceived chaos. The soul is drawn to this place as a refuge from the ever-pressing dialogue of the man made world. The backcountry offers the mind, soul and body a way to reset, find calm, regain balance and be cleansed through exploration of where we come from. Getting back to nature offers a deeper reflection of how beautiful our natural world is, that there is positivity to be found around us and that the outside world has much to be discovered, enjoyed and celebrated. 

The regions of focus for this collection are Revelstoke, Fernie and Golden, BC- and all the ranges between. 

These paintings were created with the same sense of stripping away the excess noise in an image to reveal only the raw components that are evocative for the viewer. It is not by accident that the palette knife strokes mimic a Rorschach test ink blot. These boldly contrasted strokes are then complimented with simple forms, textures and rich metals. This expression allows for the viewer to explore the work without being bombarded in excess. These mountain landscapes will be all too familiar but not exact replicas. This is similar to how the soul remembers a fond memory- where it truly resides. 

Artist Bio: 

Aimy Van der Linden is a primarily self-taught artist. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Aimy has taken art courses throughout her education including at a university level. Her heart still belonged to art as she pursued a different career path. As an attempt to regain balance in her life after suffering health setbacks, she returned to art and exploring nature to find peace and balance in her life.

As request arose for commissions and regular artwork, she decided to pursue art more seriously, which lead to the creation of Aurora Sky Art.  Her exploration of nature and local mountain ranges by hiking, camping, snowboarding, dirt biking, and sledding. If she is not out in the mountains, she is in her studio creating based on her experiences. 

My work has a mixed media focus. The foundation of my artwork uses acrylic paint which is then complimented by metal leaf, texture mediums, gels, watercolor washes, resins and varnishes. 

I aim to evoke a sense of familiarity and emotional connection in my work though building representative abstract landscapes using a surreal lens. 

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