by Antonio Otoya

Main Gallery
January 4
- January 17, 2024

 Antonia Otoya ( d 1982) is a contemporary Colombian  painter and mural artist whose emotionally charged realistic portraiture, nature scenes and ambitious large scale murals have been the subject of group exhibitions in galleries and street art festivals and fairs throughout Colombia since 2013.

Antonia’s work is an intimate look  into the subject’s most sincere and vulnerable inner world, externalized through  the presence of symbolic elements; it combines precision in execution with humor and character.


VISTO: A pictorial reflection about the importance of being seen.

This exhibition delves into the significance of being seen, weaving a tapestry of images capturing the nuanced interplay between individual identity and the external gaze. Each brushstroke and captured moment in the artworks serves as a testament to the need for recognition, prompting contemplation on the multifaceted nature of visibility. The exhibition invites viewers to reflect on the power dynamics inherent in seeing and being seen, emphasizing the transformative potential of visibility in fostering empathy, understanding, and a shared sense of connection.

Beyond a mere collection of images, “VISTO” is an exploration of narratives unfolding when individuals are granted the space to exist authentically.

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