by Maxim B. Vidricaire

Gallery Three
July 7
- July 31, 2022

“timeless. is a collection of 120 format film images that aims to convey the underlying character, charm, and feel of this once-dormant mountain town. These are the moments that we can’t quite put our finger on when describing Revelstoke to friends and family around the world.

While the town itself was incorporated on March 1, 1899, the lands are first and foremost sacred to the following nations: The Sinixt, The Secwepemc, The Ktunaxa, The Syilx, and The Okanagan Indian Band of Okanagan Nation Alliance.

As the town continues to push through a major growth spurt, I felt the need to document this transition. The remaining homes, streets, and vehicles from the twentieth century are not only pleasing to the eye, but they also serve as a metaphor for us all to slow down.

With our planet’s well-being in jeopardy, resisting the urge to excessively upgrade our lives and belongings is more important than ever. Old things are cool too – don’t be afraid to hold onto them for a little longer.

We all have to be more deliberate and intentional with our actions, myself included.”

Maxim captures those universally human experiences using a medium as unpredictable as his subjects. With film photography there is always the chance your photos may not turn out. You might find that after months of careful shooting your entire roll has been destroyed. Maxim embraces that possibility and utilizes the best elements of shooting with film, he utilizes the imperfections and develops his own film to get hands on with an increasingly digital medium.

“Emotional experiences are at the forefront of the people and businesses that we interact with on a daily basis. It’s the human side of us. When it comes to my work, it only makes sense to put emotion first.”


All images were shot, developed, scanned, and processed for printing here in Revelstoke. The prints, skateboards, and clothing were made in Canada. Further inspiration was found deep in the photo archives at the Revelstoke Museum & Archives.

I would like to personally thank the following human beings for making this project possible through their continued support, guidance, and creativity: Lara Vekil, Matt Tipold, Brett Mallon, Cam Keith, Jack Ryan, Meghan Porath, Taylor Sandell, Adam Boehm, Randy Jespersen, and Emily Hamilton.

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