Three Voices from the Land

by Tina Lindegaard, Valerie Speer & Jennifer Hedge

Main Gallery
October 7
- October 29, 2021

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A group art exhibit from three unique perspectives and creative styles depicting three diverse Western Canadian Landscapes. The artists’ explore the inherent beauty of their individual surroundings and aim to create a deeper appreciation and desire for stewardship of our lands.

After many years of diverse creative pursuits, Valerie Speer, Tina Lindegaard, and Jennifer Hedge have come together to create and present a body of work that reflects and communicates their strong connection to the environment in which they each live; the prairies, the mountains and the coast of Western B.C.

The preservation of such diverse and unique ecosystems is of great importance to these artists and they trust their work will remind the viewer of the beauty that surrounds them, evoking personal attachment and a strong desire to protect our lands.

Valerie Speer is attracted to moments of solitude in the environment that feeds the soul.  This often includes a focus on light, mood and a form of water, be it ocean, glacier, river, lake or storm clouds. Valerie hopes to highlight the beauty and necessity of water as a precious resource.

Tina Lindegaard has a great love and respect for the rugged beauty of the mountains and vistas of the Columbia Valley and beyond. As a painter, she has always been intrigued by the use of vibrant colours and unique perspectives and is constantly reinventing herself as an artist. Over the last few years she has been expanding her creative vocabulary through a series of professional development workshops and residencies with a focus on landscapes combined with abstraction.  For this collaboration, she is working on a series of paintings that will highlight some of these exciting new skills in a style that is still uniquely her own.

Jennifer Hedge’s primary inspiration comes from nature and its many turbulent forces. The paintings that she is currently working on portray the coastal world that she loves and in which she feels at home: untamed beaches, tumultuous seas and skies, deep and haunting ancient forests.

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