The Grass is Greener

by Tracy Pshyk

Gallery One
March 14
- April 14, 2024

This exhibition invites viewers to witness the beauty of the cannabis plant through a series of hyper-realistic paintings featuring several different vibrant and colourful cannabis strains. This collection serves a dual purpose – to celebrate the plant’s floral qualities and contribute to the ongoing destigmatization of cannabis.

From its role in alleviating chronic pain and inflammation to aiding in the treatment of anxiety and epilepsy, cannabis has proven to be a valuable resource in the medical field. This body of work serves as a catalyst for conversation and a visual testament to the plant’s positive attributes. Through the lens of hyper-realism Tracy’s art invites viewers to appreciate the beauty, versatility, and medicinal potential of cannabis, ultimately challenging societal norms and fostering a more inclusive perspective on this captivating plant.

About the Artist:

I have been creating art and developing my craft for 19 years. Only in the last 7 years have I pursued art at a more professional level. I mainly work in oil paints but have been dabbling in other mediums such as acrylic and polymer clay sculpting. I am a completely self taught artist, learning how to paint  and create on my own with just endless practice and experimentation. I really started to pursue art further when I moved back to Kelowna 7 years ago and have been little by little attempting to break into the Okanagan art scene. I have recently started working at Opus in Kelowna, which has opened my mind to a ton of new mediums and product knowledge.

– Tracy Pshyk

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