Shapes in Metal

by Jack Sutter

Gallery Three
June 3
- June 25, 2021

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Jack Sutter is a welder by trade who, for his show, has focused his love of metal into his intricate sculptural art pieces. His show, ‘Shapes in Metal’ shows his range of style and manipulation of this industrial material — the way he pulls out detail with his welding and the range of colour he produces really shows his level of sophistication in his craft.

‘Metal is a magical material in so many ways. Bicycles, cars, ships, airplanes, helicopters, bridges, and infinitely more things which are fundamental to our modern world are made with metal.  But beyond the practical uses of these metallic substances, each metal has its own unique characteristics which can be exemplified through sculpture. These “Shapes in Metal” are a broad spectrum of concepts meant to spark the imagination and parallel human experience. This show is an exciting opportunity to materialize various shapes & techniques that push the boundaries of what I know to be possible with metal. I hope you enjoy the show!’ 

– Jack Sutter

You may recognize Jack from his work with Kyle Thornley on the Art Alleries piece ‘A Simple Joy’, located downtown Revelstoke, B.C. This is Jack’s first time presenting a solo show and we are so excited to showcase his work. Make sure to check out the gallery to see his replica pieces of the helicopters – ‘Bell 212’ and ‘Huey UH H1H.’

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