Just A Few Words

by Rob Sim

Gallery TwoGallery Three
November 4
- November 26, 2021

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Those that have met Rob will know that he is in fact a man of many words. This lighthearted sense of humor is clear throughout the entire exhibition with a huge focus on the relationship between Rob’s dialogue and his large-scale photography. Rob touches on language and harmonizes this dialect with the titles of his mountain landscape photographs.

“Just a Few Words” commands space, in our two side galleries, with stunning large scale photography that will no doubt serve as inspiration to get out into the back country. Rob captures pristine mountainscapes and brings them to life using a printing technique that elevates them to a new level. The materials required to print these iconic metallic prints no longer exist, making this exhibition the very last of its kind.

“I tend to view the world as something that is in a constant state of flux. It all hums with a great vibration. The trees. The mountains. The earth and everything that has ever existed upon it. It’s Music. A Symphony. Everything is contributing to the rhythm.

In this collection, I draw a correlation between the great peaks we spend our days playing in and the great symphony we contribute to.”

          – Rob Sim 
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