regular life

by kfarrell.

Gallery One
September 21
- October 15, 2023

The art world has many different branches and arms, and well… arms aren’t the only limb you’ll see in kfarrell.’s show ‘regular guy.’ Often pushing the boundaries of what is societally deemed as appropriate you’ll leave this comic filled show either giggling or offended.

What to Expect: 

  • Single panel comics & illustrations
  • Politically charged
  • Adult themes and subject matter
  • Unconventional art

Excerpt from the Artist Statement:

“The gone.farrell perspective is a bit absurdist. A bit Wile e. Coyote, and a bit Don Quixote.

Being careful to not seem cynical, the regular guy fits in sometimes as a rabbi on a bowling team or a domino’s pizza delivered to the Kremlin. For this series, The artist leans in to religion, gender, greed and privilege like a family dinner on acid.”  

– kfarrell.

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