Pantone Colour of the Year

by Members Show

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August 11
- September 1, 2022

This year artists where given a brand new theme for the August members show. Following the Pantone Colour of the Year artists where invited to create up to three pieces inspired by this years colour “Very Peri”. This periwinkle blue didn’t have to be the main colour in the piece but it did have to appear somewhere. As this was the only constraints this group exhibition is an incredible mix of talent, mediums, and concepts.

“When the periwinkles are blooming, it’s hard to have eyes for anything else. The delicate mist is an impossibly soft color, like clouds descending into twilight, like the snowfall in an Impressionist masterpiece.

Periwinkle goes by many names. You might know her by one of her more fabulous monikers, like sorcerer’s violet or fairy’s paintbrush. In Italy, she is called fiore di morte (flower of death), because it was common to lay wreaths of the evergreen on the graves of dead children. The flower is sometimes associated with marriage (and may have been the “something blue” in the traditional wedding rhyme), sometimes associated with sex work (because of its supposed aphrodisiac properties) and also with executions.”

Excerpt from “Periwinkle, the Color of Poison, Modernism, and Dusk” by Katy Kelleher, The Paris Review

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