by Röni Jurgensen

Gallery Two
March 9
- April 2, 2023

Röni Jurgensen Artist Statement:
Looking to the sky has always worked to build my spirits. Being in nature is a reminder to open up and let go of all that seems so pressing and keeps everything in perspective.

There is something very primitive and mesmerizing about watching birds moving together to evade a predator, feed or simply dance in the wind. Imagining the ability of flight, soaring high above the ground with freedom from the constraints of gravity and worries of the world.

The repetition of making many identical pieces serves as a meditation. Playing with slightly different weights and lengths of wire to achieve a balance within each mobile. They evolve over time. As I build more, they will evolve again.

The murmuration mobiles are light, hand folded origami birds constructed with bronze/copper/aluminium screening, supported by twisted rebar tie wire and fishing swivels. They can be hung outside in a covered area so that they move with the breeze. Over time they will attain a patina and rust on the wire. The birds may oxidize as well if exposed to the elements.

It is believed that the art of Origami began in Japan during the 17th century. Its name derives from the Japanese words ori (“folding”) and kami (“paper”). Origami became popular in Europe, in Spain the practice is called papiroflexia or pajarita.

Roni Jurgensen is a painter and sculptor living in New Denver, British Columbia.

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