Mountain Town

by Lisa Brise

Gallery One
April 28
- May 22, 2022

Artist Statement by Lisa Brise

I consider myself to be a nomadic person since I have not lived in one place for more than eight months since graduating high school. As I begin to crave a lifestyle that does not involve packing all of my possessions into cardboard boxes twice a year, I have been reflecting on what I value in a place to call home. I, like so many others, was drawn to Revelstoke because of its accessibility for outdoor pursuits such as skiing and biking. Although where I would like to settle remains undetermined, one thing is certain, and that is that I would like to live in a mountain town.

Mountain Town was inspired by my time spent in the mountains local to this area and the passion that people in our community share for our natural surroundings. My paintings are exclusively of local mountains as I wanted to capture the scenes that make this mountain town loved by so many. I used my own reference photos as well as ones taken by friends and other residents of Revelstoke.

My work is acrylic paint on birch panels or live edge basswood. I love how each piece of natural wood has a unique grain and character to add to the piece. Occasionally, I will paint a background to add contrast with colours or to play with the free flowing strokes that make up a sky. I like to include a lot of detail in my pieces and I strive to use light and shadows to create depth. Through my work, I aspire to invoke feelings of home and fond memories of outdoor adventures.

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