Lady Like

by Sheherezad (Sherry) Cheriton

Gallery Three
October 7
- October 29, 2021

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Sheherezad Cheriton is known for her pottery featuring the feminine figure but she has traded in her glazes for paints this show as she depicts elements of the female figure on canvas. ‘Lady Like’ is a far stretch from the proper lady you might expect but gives you an eye (or many) into the way Sherezad sees the female form

I love creating feminine art and using stories of all kinds to bring out thoughts, emotions and a reflection of the world around me. 

Lady like is a collection of pieces that play on mythical stories and the views and strengths of women. These pieces question what it means to be lady-like, and why. 

My usual medium is clay and I find it very helpful to try different mediums and tools to keep myself challenged and on my toes.


  • Sheherezad (Sherry) Cheriton


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