Journey to the Butterfly

by Barbara Maye

Gallery One
May 6
- May 28, 2021

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Barbara Maye’s art is inspired by the arcane wisdom of Mother Earth found in our surrounding mountains. This new series explored soapstone sculptures as they come to be through metamorphosis.

‘Journey to the Butterfly’ began in 2019 exploring the surrounding mountains of Revelstoke in search of soapstone with local retired prospector, Mark McKay. Understanding the earth processes that form soapstone and ethically harvesting rocks from their original locations, informed the creation process of these abstract stone sculptures and paintings inspired by the volcanic activity that helped form them.

Soapstone is the result of a metamorphosis.  Akin to the transformation into a butterfly inside the chrysalis, it must completely release its prior form. Monumental pressure by the Earth’s shifting crust and great heat – like a volcano – force specific metamorphic rocks to amalgamate into soapstone, uniquely coloured by the minerals present and the flow of the molten experience.  

These paintings are inspired by soapstone’s great metamorphic dance through volcanic activity and symbolize the 11 phases of spiritual growth. Soapstone chips and dust from the carving studio are used in the texture and smoke.

These stones are sculpted using intuitive, free-form carving — the stone is approached with respect and an invitation to co-create a new form.  The flowing nature of the sculptures and the changing perspectives of the innovative Flipstone carvings, echo the molten formation of the rock, the handling of the stones during carving, and their teachings for us. 

“These stones offer arcane wisdom.”  

Our presence with them ignites soapstone’s healing properties to guide us through great change enhancing our imagination, openness, flexibility, and communication.   The Flipstones invite interplay and a conscious willingness to change our perspective often.


– Barbara Maye


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