by Marie Moose

Gallery Three
October 20
- November 20, 2022

Artist Statement


Home is not a place, it’s a state of mind.
It’s a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.
It’s an emotion.
It’s the people who live with you, around you.
It’s a community where you belong.
It’s a sense of purpose.

I have had the privilege to feel at home in multiple places through my life.
For my first art exhibition I wanted to revisit these landscapes that are very
special to me. I also want to express my gratitude to the First Nations who have
welcomed me on their lands and to everyone who have made me feel at home.
Thank you.

Artist Bio

Revelstoke based painter and graphic designer, Marie Moose, brings you her
latest body of work ‘HOMESCAPES’. Moose graduated from graphic design at
Laval University in 2006 and made a move to Whistler, BC where she found a
real passion for exploring the mountains. After working for over a decade as a
graphic designer she started experimenting with drawing and landed on acrylic
painting as her main medium.

Moose is inspired by nature’s lines, sometimes flowy and sometimes geometric.
Her vibrant colour palette is instinctive, gravitating towards saturated and
unrealistic colours to express joy and curiosity in the viewer. The smooth lines in
her paintings depict the feelings of calm and peace that she seeks with every
adventure. Moose has recently found a new passion in farming and sustainable
living which gives her a profound sense of purpose and balance that finds its way
into her artwork.

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