It Was All A Dream

by Hayley Stewart

Main Gallery
November 4
- November 26, 2021

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Hayley Stewart, one of Revelstoke’s most recognizable artists will be bringing the gallery to life with her iconic bold colour pallet. However, in this exhibition “It was all a Dream” Hayley will be shifting her subject matter to something a little more tropical and lively.

Meanwhile, gallery 2 & 3 feature the photography of Rob Sim in his series “Just a few words”. Those that have met Rob will know that he is in fact a man of many words. This lighthearted sense of humor is clear throughout the entire exhibition with a huge focus on the relationship between Robs dialogue and large-scale photography.

Finally Mem U will be presenting a charming instillation created through her unique printing technique in gallery 1. Mem U is able to create impressions from salved metals using a process she has spent over the past 30 years perfecting. Strolling through these banners give the audience a chance to reflect on the objects that have left an indelible ‘stain’ upon the land, our progress, and our relationships from another time.

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