Full Bloom

by Sophie Rose

Gallery Two
August 17
- September 10, 2023

Picking flowers lovingly grown by local farmers and foraging in the mountains brings me so much joy and appreciation for the land and people preserving it. Similarly, the art of gathering, drying, stitching, and weaving the delicate stems into different mediums has taught me a patience I never knew I had. I take great pride in witnessing the growth and evolution of my art over the past 5 years.

In each one of my pieces, I aim to express my profound appreciation for the natural environment and the connection I feel to the land through flowers. It is my hope that they will serve as an inspiration for others to cherish and protect our precious environment.

Regardless of how many hours I stitch, there is no artist that compares to Mother Nature. It’s an honour to be able to pay tribute to her creations within my own and share them with you.


I was raised in rural New Zealand by a mother who taught me the value of living off the land and spending time in nature. She always encouraged me to pursue what makes me happy which, unfortunately for her, led me to follow my curiosity for travel. At the age of 18 I moved across the country to New Zealand’s adventure capital, Queenstown. My travels continued on to Canada where I spent my time skiing and hiking the breathtaking mountain ranges, exploring the concrete jungles within different cities, and making lifelong friendships. After reflecting on the ever changing ZIP codes of the past 10 years, my partner and I carefully chose to continue life in the small, welcoming community of Revelstoke, BC. It’s impossible not to be inspired here, surrounded by nature, breathtaking scenery, and adventure on our doorstep.

In fact, it was the extreme Canadian winters that taught me the importance of indoor hobbies. I found fibre art to be immensely therapeutic and became absorbed by the end result. I never expected this art form to become one of my greatest passions until, after many failed attempts, I found success in incorporating dried flowers and truly fell in love with the process.

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