by Jessa Gilbert

Main Gallery
September 2
- October 1, 2021

Virtual Gallery Tour:


This Virtual Tour has been made possible by the Support of the City of Revelstoke and the Columbia Basin Trust’s Community Initiatives Program. 


Jessa Gilbert is an experiential landscape artist, muralist and backcountry guide. She has also collaborated with several outdoor brands and has shown her work in many different galleries internationally. Part of what makes Jessa’s work so striking is her focus on the interconnectedness of all things.


Artist Statement

Flux Definition: A flowing or flow; Continuous change or movement


“What can we glean from watching a storm roll in or clouds hang on top of a mountain? What do we get from watching water flow with gravity, or hearing glaciers calve and crack? How does it feel to witness a sun rise or a sun set? Nature is forever in a state of change with so many natural phenomenon we understand to be out of our control, ever changing, and, in turn, awe inspiring. Yet, when we are met with the same set of parameters in our daily lives – a lack of control – we often find it hard to sit still. This past year, especially, felt like waves of change and uncertainty kept lapping up on our personal shores. So, what do we do with that unsteadiness?

This show turns the attention back to the natural world to study and celebrate moments of flux, uncertainty, anticipation, and joy. Whether it be a storm rolling in, clouds breaking away, a haze of gauzy smoke, or a crisp, clear powder day, these drawings and paintings articulate the passing of time and transition. Admiring nature’s ability to change, adapt, and grow offers lessons worth adapting ourselves. Drawings and paintings created on the road, path, or skin track investigate how travel constraints affect the creative process, attempting an account of the journey itself. The paintings in this exhibition build in scale, colour, and texture to further capture the evolution over time. I invite you into the process of construction, showing how these artworks are the sum of their parts, beginning with one single, continuous line.”

– Jessa Gilbert

“Change is Constant, Growth is Optional” – John C Maxwell


Artist Bio

Jessa Gilbert grew up in New York State where she learned how creating art outside was a perfect refuge from a hectic household of three brothers. She studied Art, Art History, and Sociology in Vermont before relocating to British Columbia in 2013. Since then, her artwork and thirst for adventure have become entirely enmeshed. Her art process lends to how she looks at terrain, and her time outdoors influences the subject matter of her artworks. In addition to drawings and paintings, Jessa’s public art murals can be found in cities like Vancouver, Whistler, Seattle, and Denver… maybe Revelstoke in the future (hint hint). Forever excited to share the stoke, you can follow along with her process online through her social media links.


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