Feathers & Flowers

by Tami Murray

Gallery One
June 3
- June 25, 2021

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We are delighted to showcase watercolourist, Tami Murray in her first solo exhibition. Tami has presented a few of her pieces in our Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre Member’s Shows before, but this is her first time exhibiting her pieces as a collection. Her eye for detail and colour brilliantly shows through her paints strokes throughout her lifelike watercolour paintings of birds and flowers.

‘I have always had an appreciation for the beauty that is all around us. It has not been until I started painting and really looking at nature, that I have truly come to see the beauty in what has been created in the nature — truly the original artist. In my pieces, I have tried to capture a moment — the colour of a particular or that one moment a bird has sat just long enough for me to capture it in a painting. It has been a continuous circle for me, the more I paint what I see in nature, the more I am loving the nature. One spurs on the other’

– Tami Murray

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