Water… An Essential Element

by Bill Fell

Gallery Three
July 2
- July 30, 2021

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Bill Fell’s black and white collection of photos, capturing the movement of water, were all produced using traditional film/darkroom techniques. After the photograph was taken, each negative and print was individually hand processed by Bill.

‘The essential elements of the ancient Greeks, earth, water, air and fire were, in combination, the foundations of all things on earth.
The essential elements of art are stylistic features within an art piece to help the artist communicate to the viewer.


Black and white photography allows the artist to concentrate on the essential elements of lines, shape, texture and form of the subject. Whether the subject is a single shell on a beach or a flowing waterfall the artistic essential elements delineate the uniqueness of the subject. 

By observing and incorporating the different qualities of the available light, as well as the shadows and visible contrasts, a “light drawing” can be created that best illustrates the essential elements of the selected subject.

Water, and its effects, are an essential element of many of my photographs. I hope the exhibition illustrates and communicates to you the importance of water as one of the essential elements.’

  •   Bill Fell


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