Desire Lines

by Brett Mallon

Main Gallery
September 15
- October 9, 2022

My work has always, in some way, been a way to express how I interact with the world around me. Painting outdoors, en plain air was my chosen technique, it helped observe, learn and experience my surroundings in a very physical way. With my latest project ‘Desire Lines’ however, I turned my gaze inwards and explored how I felt about the places I interacted with. My adopted home of Revelstoke and it’s beautiful summer gardens, cool breezes off the Columbia River, local architecture and arbitrary home decor have become my summer meditations.They are small and easily missed moments of life that I have chosen to focus on and imbue with meaning as a way to enhance my overall daily happiness. As a result ‘Desire Lines’ is a collection of present moments, past memories and future aspirations that celebrate the brightness of life. 

– Brett Mallon

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