Altered State

by Meagan Oxford

Gallery TwoGallery Three
September 2
- October 1, 2021

Meagan Oxford’s exhibition “Altered State” explores the relationship between the human psyche and nature. Her interest in psychology and multi dimensional theory is often explored through her surreal and psychedelic style. This combined with close attention to detail and striking colours means Meagan’s pieces are perfect for capturing the eye and imagination.

The fact that I can make art seems like a miracle. I never know how a piece is going to turn out based on how I see it in my mind’s eye.  All I know is to trust the process. The whole experience is fleeting and filled with delirium.  My goal when I create art is to get so hyper-focused on creating something beautiful, that I almost disappear. Ego death is a necessity when creating meaningful work. I feel deeply connected to my surroundings, so when I hunker down to paint, I clear my mind and let my subconscious take the wheel. If I have a specific subject matter in mind, I loosely sketch it out on the canvas. I sit back, unfocus my eyes and imagine the rhythm in the piece. I often rely on “Pareidolia”, which is a human tendency to perceive a specific, often evocative image in a random or indefinite visual pattern, much like an inkblot test. I search for intricacies in patterns and draw out an image and imbed it within the painting.  Using an array of mediums is crucial to my progression as an artist. Spray paint, airbrush, watercolour, acrylic and pen & ink are my tools to translate my imagination onto the canvas. This practice is much like an altered state of consciousness.  Flow state for life.”

  • Meagan Oxford
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