All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

by Benjamin Arcega

Gallery One
July 7
- July 31, 2022

Kelowna’s Benjamin Arcega is featuring a new body of work described as a glimpse into who and what inspires his unique approach to painting, skating and self-expression. Drawn from memories of places he’s travelled and people he’s met, the show contains stylized portraits of skateboards, musicians and surfers as well as a handful of more abstract creations.

“I hope to embrace the surprising and visceral nature of painting in acrylic and wet mediums and express my love for making visual art. This new series shows that my practice is always evolving and changing. I have painted portraits of skateboarders and musicians that inspire me such as Tony Alva, Sean Pablo and Nick Cave. Other pieces reference some of my favourite art styles and movements from Pop Art to Impressionism. I’ve tried to take a loose, playful approach to making these new pieces and show gratitude and gesture.”

– Benjamin Arcega

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