Sync or Swim

by Hayley Stewart & KUPS

Main Gallery
October 27
- November 19, 2023

Two incredible artists are sharing the spotlight in the main gallery with their show titled ‘Sync or Swim.’ Local artist Hayley Stewart and long time friend and mural artist KUPS based out of Whistler have teamed up to make a big splash.

About KUPS

KUPS, based out of Whistler BC is an artist of many talents working with canvas, murals, product design and digital art. If you’ve been inside our local distillery, Monashee Spirits, then you’ll recognize the giant eagle mural as a KUPS original.

What to Expect: 

  • Mural painted on the main stage
  • Dark hues illuminating with light
  • Surfboard and Large Install piece
  • Water

Excerpt from KUPS

“Art just happens to be a better way of explaining myself. You never really know how an artist feels about something until they take the time to paint it for you. I see being an artist as a vital form of expression. It is the emotion that an individual can sink into a piece and never need to disclose. The observer doesn’t need to understand me, or what I am trying to accomplish, in order to appreciate my work[…]

[…]Art is the focus, Painting is the tool, Good Vibes are the message’

About Hayley Stewart

Hayley Stewart has taken Revelstoke by storm with her vibrant paintings and mix of mountainous and ocean landscapes. We are excited to showcase Hayley’s third show with our Public Art Gallery, this time focusing on water and crashing explosive waves.

What to Expect: 

  • Cool tones
  • Large scale acrylic paintings
  • Dynamic energy infused
  • Water

Excerpt from Hayley Stewart:

“Experiencing the sublimity of nature and participating in mind-expanding activities which engage the body and free the mind are the foundation of Hayley Stewart’s work. Her most recent paintings – vivid atypical landscapes – highlight nature’s intricacies with a bold palette, smooth colour blending and concise brushstrokes.
Painting allows Hayley to leap the barriers of language and share the abundance of inspiration she feels when immersed in nature. The mountains & ocean are her continuing education.”

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