by Sab Curtis

Gallery Two
January 5
- January 30, 2023

“My adventures mold me and each canvas becomes my journal to translate what I discover through my wanders. My art practice began as a way to feel nurtured by nature’s magnificence when I was experiencing physical and cognitive limits due to injury, and it continues to immerse me in what I love most. 

“Rewired” is a collection expressing the transformation I experienced through my brain injury recovery and discovery of my creative self. Observing nature’s paths and patterns helps me better understand myself and my creative process has helped me comprehend the unplanned pivot in my life. Each piece replays real scenes that I have experienced throughout my recovery and represents milestones that influenced my metamorphosis. 

This journey has been confusing and chaotic, emulated by the varied mood of this series. From the calm to the complex, the seemingly ordinary to the surreal, by patiently reflecting nature’s diverse palette onto canvas I have gained conviction that the ability to adapt through any type of adversity is within us.”

-Sab Curtis

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