A Part of Place

by Jamie Kroeger

Gallery One
January 5
- January 29, 2023

Through the creation of jewellery objects, I consider the relationships that exist between humans and outdoor environments. With the careful choice of material and process, the action of making allows the opportunity to relay specific tales of adventure and challenge that have been collected over twenty years of working in the Canadian mountain landscape. Hours spent in the studio grant the opportunity to reflect on time spent outside and realize that with all the highs and lows it brought, my experiences affect the way I make art and approach the problem-solving situations within it. By means of material, process, and concept, I can create object-based narratives that offer another way of observing how a basic relationship to place can evolve into

specific cultures and attitudes.

A Part of Place uses art jewellery to project a centralized narrative of value and sentiment, themes of safety, equipment, work, experience, and the gathering of knowledge. The objects themselves act as nostalgic triggers while the specific use of materials and process work to further enhance the story telling process. Functioning together, they illustrate the patience required to gain experience in the outdoors (as well as the art world), and the incredible relationships that develop because of it.”

– Jamie Kroeger

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