Floral Fixation

by Ariel Plant

Gallery Three
August 17
- September 23, 2023

Ariel Plant, a local artist from Revelstoke, is a true embodiment of her name, deeply connected to nature and the environment. With a predilection for work outdoors, she dedicated 10 years of her life to tree planting, leaving a positive impact on the world around her.

In addition to her expertise in tree planting, Ariel Plant also possesses a passion for growing flowers, fostering her admiration for the natural world. Through her green thumb and love for gardening, she cultivates vibrant and diverse gardens, creating a living tapestry of colors and scents that further inspire her artistic creations.

In 2018, she found herself with an opportunity to spend time in her father’s pottery studio and pursue her interest as a ceramic artist, crafting unique and inspired pieces that reflect her love for nature and its preservation. Under his mentorship, Ariel honed her skills in working with clay, and her creative spirit blossomed. Drawing inspiration from her experiences in the great outdoors, Ariel’s work captures the essence of the natural world, often mirroring the beauty and intricacies found in flowers and other elements of the environment. Through her art, she hopes to inspire others to appreciate and respect the abundance of earth’s offerings. Her studio is a sanctuary of creativity, adorned with the natural beauty she holds dear. Surrounded by shelves of her handmade pottery and botanical sketches, Ariel finds solace and inspiration within the walls of her artistic haven.


“My love of working with flowers and clay go hand-in-hand. They both involve working with the earth and the elements as well as encourage appreciation of shape, colour and texture. Patience is required whether starting a plant from a seed or a mug from a ball of clay. If you try to rush either of these things, your efforts will most likely be met in vain.

One of the first carvings on a mug I ever did was a simple rose. I had not previously considered myself to be much of an artist so after many practice drawings I was finally bold enough to take my carving tool and create permanent etchings on the clay surface. Unsure of how to glaze, I was advised by my dad to try painting iron oxide over my drawing and apply a wax resist so that the glaze wouldn’t interfere with my design. After that first batch of carved pottery came finished out of the kiln, I was completely hooked on the craft. I was fortunate to have unlimited access to my father’s studio and the variety of tools and materials he had acquired over the past 50 years of being a potter. My flower designs continued to develop and I branched into new techniques of carving and glazing. The flower mugs in this show were all free-hand carved based off photos of flowers I have grown in my garden. I hope for these mugs to provoke joy and a sense of grounding in your daily rituals.

I want you to feel like you’ve entered my secret garden, a special place to relax, unwind and appreciate some natural beauty.”

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