Fabricated Reality

by Sayge Fisher

Gallery One
October 20
- November 20, 2022

Artist Statement

Embroidery is one of the most ancient art forms, practiced across many different societies. Although my style is far from traditional, there’s something about embroidering that connects me across time with millions of other artists throughout history. Embroidery as an art form has traditionally been a stigmatized as a feminine practice, one that lends itself to many facets of society from fashion, religion, royal status, storytelling through tapestries, household decor, personalized clothing, family crests, symbols of resistance & revolution as well as many other artifacts throughout civilizations. There is no limit to all the ways textile art is used to express humanity, it’s almost an inherent quality across vastly different societies from as far back as 30,000 B.C. Embroidery interconnects different civilizations, values, statuses, beliefs and time, it’s a reminder of some of the qualities that define us as humans and it acts as an expression of culture.

Traditionally, embroidery has been used as a means of mending, or as a display of care for loved ones or children. Table cloths, clothing and bedding were all embroidered by mothers and Grandmothers alike for their families. Despite its rich history through religious displays and association with royal status and luxury, embroidery was thought to be little more than a domestic craft in more recent times and was not taken seriously as a fine art. This quality of diminishing and ignoring the historical signifigance of embroidery and its impact as a fine art has made embroidery a defining medium in feminist movements to symbolize the oppression of women and their contributions to society. 

I use embroidery and art in general as a form of therapy, a time to focus my intentions and organize my thoughts. Something about it feels like I’m participating in history, paying homage to my Grandmothers who practiced before me and my great grandmother, who lives on through her art. 

Artist Bio

Born in Comox BC, on Vancouver Island, I moved to Revelstoke at age 11 and never truly left.  Raised in Revelstoke, even when I moved away for University I returned every other weekend and summer until I graduated in 2021 with a Degree in  Geography & Environmental Studies, minoring in Visual Arts. I spent my first 2 years at uni in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program and only switched programs due to my passions for Environmentalism. 2 years later I am very grateful for the decision, despite my dedication to my art, because I am now working as an Environmental Protection Coordinator for the LNIB in Merritt, BC. This job supports my passions for Environmental science / preservation & my artwork. I didn’t develop my embroidery style until I finished my art classes and spent some time working for the Kamloops Art Gallery, during this time I began to play with cheap alternatives to painting and eventually discovered the next best thing, silk shading / thread painting. And here we are, at my first ever show in my hometown, full circle and so grateful!


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