Ephemeral Interventions

by Alex Stewart

Gallery Three
July 13
- August 6, 2023

Alex Stewart is a Fraser Valley-based environmental artist and muralist, known for his expertise in stencil art. He embarked on his artistic journey at the University of the Fraser Valley, where he earned a Diploma of Visual Arts in 2011. Since then, he has continuously evolved his practice, pushing the boundaries of his creativity.

Stewart’s artistic vision is centered around the urgent need for sustainability and environmental preservation. By immersing himself in natural settings like the forests of British Columbia, he aims to forge a deep connection between humanity and our environment. Through his unique blend of street art and plein air techniques, he portrays delicate, ethereal female figures harmoniously interacting with nature. This merging of artistic styles creates a captivating narrative that draws viewers into a world where art and the natural world seamlessly intertwine.

Alex generously donates a portion of all his art sales to support environmental conservation initiatives both in Canada and around the globe.

Excerpt from Artist Statement:

“The purpose of these interventions is to start a conversation surrounding the issues of sustainability and preservation by humanizing the environment. An intervention, in the artistic sense, is a piece of art that enters a situation outside the art world with the intention of challenging existing conditions and understanding. Artistic interventions may attempt to change economic or political situations, or may attempt to make people aware of a condition that they previously had no knowledge of. […]

[…] Often, we are quick to take nature for granted. So, in a months-long process, emotive portraits are placed in the wild and documented during their decay. My placement of these interventions is deliberate: I want people to give pause, taking the time to see the wonder around them. Just maybe, it will inspire those who witness them to keep our green spaces safe.”

– Alex Stewart

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