Echo Lake

by Jenny Liski & Susie Kathol

Gallery Three
January 5
- January 30, 2023

As children and sisters we spent much of our time bonding with one another over aquatic environments. They have been a source of wonder, joy and learning for us and we were able to revisit that this summer exploring Echo Lake together. We both ended our day at the lake feeling inspired and we are excited for the opportunity to combine our contrasting forms of art as a cohesive and enveloping experience.

“My work as an illustrator focuses on the flora, fauna and fungi found in our local ecosystems. This exploration has always been a part of my life and is largely influenced by my father, a wildlife biologist and my mother, a wildlife artist. I constantly learn from the ecology of the species I paint and find it deepens my connection to our natural world and my responsibility to it.”

– Jenny Liski


“As a wildlife biologist and botanist I’ve always loved the subject material I use for my carvings. When I moved to Revelstoke, BC, I was so excited to join the potter’s guild which welcomed me and gave me space to develop an artistic interest to balance my work in the sciences. While my ceramic skills were pretty rusty, other potters and ceramic artists helped me learn to make ceramic pieces and use the Sgraffito decoration technique, which involves painting and carving a 2-dimensional image on the surface of leather-hard (not entirely dry) clay. I am constantly learning, so my work should evolve quite a bit over time. I still work as a biologist, but I hope to continue to develop my ceramic art in tandem.”

– Susie Kathol

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