November 3 – 24

Fare Forward: Jo Willems Glacier Adventure Stewardship Program: RSS students’ photography exhibition Entertaining Angels: Kathleen Hammond

Sept 29-Oct 27

Rooms Immerse yourself within an installation-based exhibit featuring: Krista Stovel, Jacqueline Pendergast, Nicola McGarry, Francine Lanoie, Sandra Flood, Julia Crucil

September 1-22

Five Times Five: 5 photos, 25 artists A Study of Nature: Sarah Windsor Pottery Exhibition: Revelstoke Potters Guild Wild Hearts: Trish Hartwick

AGM June 21, 7pm

We will be holding our Annual General Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation Night on Wednesday, June 21st at 7:00 pm. Please join us to celebrate our past successes and look ahead to our coming year!